Cargo GSA ⁄ GSSA

MD Zainal Abidin inking a cargo GSSA contract with Pakistan International Airline Cargo for Malaysia

Cargo GSA/GSSA services stand for General Sales Agent/General Sales and Services Agent services. Essentially, this means airlines operating into a particular country would entrust ABDA Group with exclusive selling rights of their cargo capacity at agreed terms. This usually happens when airlines find it more cost effective to appoint an agent in territories where it would be uneconomical to do so. GSA/GSSA contract would also be given should the cargo agent prove itself as a provider with significant market share to particular sectors.

The contract often includes the monitoring and administration of ground handling activities for cargo, import/export monitoring and vendor management for optimization of costs to the airline. All of which are provided by ABDA to most of our partner carriers on GSSA basis. This has been ABDA’s specialty in over 25 countries spanning 5 continents.

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Please do not hestitate to contact Mr. Zainal Abidin or Dato' JJ Ong should you wish to enquire about our Cargo GSA/GSSA services.