In addition to being one of the world’s leading general sales and service agent (GSSA) for air cargo, ABDA is continually focused on giving back to the communities where we operate. It is a primary focus of ABDA to provide sustainable development which has an immediate impact on the local community. 

ABDA has intimately supported the Little Drops Public Charitable Trust (NGO) based out of Chennai, India. Visiting the home several times a year to clearly identify the needs, ABDA (through its Island Aviation subsidiary) has supported the foundation and upkeep of the Little Drops Family Rehab Center, in Morrapur, Chennai. The Little Drops Family Rehab Center is a major part of the Little Drops portfolio and currently provides full care, education, and employment to 12 families, mostly single-mother families.   At the Family Rehab Center Little Drops also provides full care, including medical, to 40 elderly destitute people who were once homeless on the streets of Chennai, but now live in a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy home woven in the midst of coconut trees on the countryside of Southern India.

In 2010 ABDA hired a community development consultant to stay at the various Little Drops branches throughout India, full time for one year, to assess the needs and improvements of the Little Drops operation and to offer day to day support. This coincides with ABDA’s mission to not only provide funds, but to be provide human talent and to be fully involved with the operations of Little Drops so that ABDA can more effectively serve the many people in need. 

In 2011, ABDA hired the same community development consultant to go to Nairobi, Kenya, where Little Drops was hoping to open another branch to serve many a hapless. There, led by ADBA’s community service consultant, the team decided to build a children’s home in the Central Province of Kenya to serve many orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) by providing them with medical care, education, clothing, shelter, food, but most importantly a loving and supportive home. The Little Drops Children’s Home (Kenya) is now in mid-construction and scheduled to be serving many orphan and vulnerable children by March, 2013.
ABDA would like to take this moment to graciously thank the Little Drops Foundation for all of their hard work and dedication and to also thank them for letting us be a part of the great work they do to serve many people in need around the world.

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