Total Cargo Management

(Left to right): Mohammed Nidzam (NAS), Juan C Arbelaez (NAS), Christian Weidner (Leisure Cargo), Walter Prenzler (NAS) and Zainal Abidin (Leisure Cargo)

While GSSA contracts are aimed mainly at selling activities, Total Cargo Management (TCM) means complete and comprehensive management of an airline’s cargo division. This means ABDA would take on all areas of managing a cargo or passenger carrier from sales, ground handling, cargo revenue accounting, operational audits, claims and insurance, communication with passenger division for scheduling, routing, fuel management, etc. ABDA has experience in this with NAS Air from Saudi Arabia managed by ABDA’s Dubai office.

In addition, ABDA has played an active role in the growth and success of the world’s most successful TCM company, Leisure Cargo GmBH. Owned by Air Berlin Group, Leisure Cargo and ABDA work together to manage and market the capacity of 19 airlines wherever the airlines choose to deploy aircraft. This has been a most successful venture, with Leisure Cargo touching record turnover figures of well over 100 million euros in 2011.

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Please do not hestitate to contact Mr. Zainal Abidin or Dato' JJ Ong should you wish to enquire about what ABDA Group can help you manage your airline's belly capacity.